Francesco D'Ulisse

REALTOR, Broker Associate

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About Francesco D'Ulisse

Born in Filetto, Italy. Francesco immigrated here when he was 3 yrs old. He lived and was educated in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Miami about 15 yrs ago. He currently lives in one of the most exciting parts of the South Florida revival, the neighborhood of Las Olas Isles in Fort Lauderdale. Francesco started his career in the Banking industry during the first housing meltdown of the late 80’s and early 90’s. This is where he learned about R.E.O.’s. Investors where purchasing packages of commercial and residential properties at 20 cents on the dollar and were reselling them for millions in profits. This knowledge started his real estate investing career. Francesco bought his first property at auction from the FDIC at 24yrs old, it was a piece of land on Martha’s Vineyard that he resold two years later for a huge profit. That profit helped him buy his first home. Throughout his career in Banking he has always been involved in the financing end of real estate, whether it was commercial or residential. It gave him the perspective of how to leverage money and invest for huge profits. When he came to Miami years later, he fell in love with it beauty, architecture and great weather. He knew this is where he belonged. He started to invest in properties in Miami and eventually got his real estate license. He wanted to help other people make money in the South Florida market and capitalize on his eye for a good investment. After spending many years of buying, selling and managing properties, his next endeavor was getting onto the Condo Board at a building that he owned three condos. It was a life changing experience. He already knew how to fix most problems in the structural and mechanical world of buildings, but he learned what it meant to have a “thankless job”. He spent many years turning around a building that was a financial mess and needed hundreds of thousands of dollars in deferred maintenance. It now has become one of the Art-Deco jewels of Ocean Drive. This led him to get his C.A.M. license so that he could help manage these struggling buildings and turn them around. All this led him to Dalton Wade, Inc. When he heard about their Real Estate Brokerage, he knew it was the opportunity that he was waiting for in the South Florida market. Their concept of concierge service for their customers and their vision for a Real Estate office that offers any service related to buying, selling and managing real estate under one roof, would give Investors and Luxury customers exactly what they wanted. Francesco considers his specialties to be in Luxury Residential Real Estate and Commercial Investment Real Estate. He has been a real estate investor for over 20 years and has helped many people buy, sell and manage their properties. He has assembled a great team of Lawyers, Architects, Builders, Designers and Property Maintenance staff to help any Investor or end buyer, whether they want to design their dream home or purchase an investment property. The next piece to helping his clients was getting his Mortgage License. He can offer a plethora of loan types to help all his residential and commercial customers. His customer service and follow up is second to none. A phone call to him will get your loan closed fast and you into your new Home. One of his other passions is Radio. He is a graduate of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting and always wanted to have his own program where he could highlight extraordinary people in the community and bring voices to people that needed to be heard. Excitement Radio was the perfect opportunity, from the amazing people who run the station to the talented people who work there. He continues to build his platforms that will bring his dream to fruition. Stay tuned…Exciting things are starting to happen. In his spare time he likes to enjoy what South Florida has to offer, its incredible restaurants, music, politics, museums, nightlife and its vast array of beautiful parks and beaches. Fort Lauderdale has many diverse cultural events, whether it’s music, art or food. He is a basketball aficionado and sports fan, as he spent most of his youth and college years playing basketball. Boston Strong never dies!

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